Your financial journey

There are many people who profess to have the remedy for poverty, low cash flow etc. You see them all the time on social media platforms claiming to have the key to your financial future. They flash their fancy cars and expensive homes and want you to join them on this crusade.

Having been in this industry for over a decade, what I can tell you for sure is this:

  • There is no quick-fix, no matter what anyone tells you
  • There is no magic formula to get you a million dollars in 6 months
  • No trading software is going to make you rich overnight (those who make this claim are highly irresponsible)
  • Depositing large sums of money into some scheme and recruiting 10 of your friends is also not the answer

The misconception people have regarding financial advisory is that we teach people how to make money. No. That you learn through your vocation, studies and sometimes through your hobbies.

There are three very important things that we do for our clients:

  • We help them to identify the amount that must be accumulated over time in order maintain a particular standard of living
  • We show them how to protect what they have amassed by helping them make wise financial decisions and to maintain healthy financial habits
  • We assist them with investments that will grow what they have amassed at a pace that makes financial sense

To get from where you are now to where you want to be financially is actually not exciting at all. It is a long and arduous process and the journey could take you an entire lifetime (unless you marry rich, inherit millions or win the lotto!). It is a journey that requires discipline, commitment and a long-term view.

The rest is noise.

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