World happiness

I use social media a lot and I’m always shocked at how much negative content there is. Poor economic conditions globally, climate change, crime – keeping up to date with all of it can make you think that the world is generally in a bad state.

The World Happiness Report 2019 was released in March and it’s always such an interesting read. This is the 7th year that the study is conducted and measures an array of variables that affect happiness such as government, health and freedom. Interestingly, social media and its effect on your general well-being does come up as well.

Scandinavian countries are in the top three with Finland leading the pack. South Africa is ranked 106 out of 156 countries. It’s a long read and certain parts of it are a little technical in how they arrive at some of their valuations, but it is well worth a read – when you have time, of course.

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