To do list before I die

I wrote my very first bucket list in 2001 and it was titled ‘to do list before I die’. I’ve added to it and removed a few items from it over the years but I’ve kept the original list in the original cheesy diary it was written in all these years!  Every now and again, I open it up and see how far I’ve come and how much work I still need to put in.


Here are some of the items I’ve managed to cross off:

#1 – get a degree (I was in Uni when I wrote this so it was my first priority)

#9 – go to Jamaica (I got to go to Jamaica with a few girlfriends in 2011)

#27 – have a restaurant/bakery (I owned a coffee shop in 2010 and I vowed never to go into the hospitality business again. This one is done ????)

#36 – take cooking classes (I do this as and when I have time)


Below are some items I still want to cross off my list but will need a lot more than wishful thinking. I’ve priced these items and I have an idea about when I’d like to cross them off and how much this will cost me.

#42 – own a farm

#44 – travel on the Rovos from Cape to Cairo


I got the idea after watching one of Oprah Winfrey’s shows. She had a really inspiring gentleman who’d lived a full and highly successful life. He attributed most of his success to his bucket list. He said writing down his dreams and goals, no matter how big or small, inspired him to work harder and stay focussed and also to be truly grateful for his life and achievements. He included some seemingly trivial items on the list which got him to cross off a lot more than he ordinarily would have, which ultimately inspired him to do more.

A part of the work we do for clients is to help them with their ‘bucket lists’. We help them order it from short term to long term, under various categories. Once the list is in place, no matter how big or small the items are, we put a plan in place with timelines and approximate costs to help our clients plan and ultimately achieve them. This forms a part of their overall financial plan and we track their progress on a regular basis as life happens.

Do you have a list? Is it written down or is it all in your head? Do you plan or do you just wing it? Do you know how much each dream or wish will cost you, if anything? Is there anybody keeping you accountable? How often do you revise/revisit your list? Do those revisions make sense and how does that affect your finances? We can help you with this process. Get in touch with us.

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