3 questions – Infinite possibilities.

With every new start comes feelings of hope and new possibilities – a new year, a new city, a new job, a new relationship…we always tend to believe [or hope] that this time will yield a different and more positive outcome. With this, comes the pressure to succeed. So often, it doesn’t which can largely be attributed to our habits which make it difficult to sustain us until we reach our new goals and aspirations.

We must acknowledge that for many South Africans, poverty and financial insecurity, are not of their doing. Many people in this country live in extreme poverty and will never, no matter how much financial knowledge they have or however many budgeting spreadsheets they compile, find their way out of it unless some serious structural change occurs in our economy. For the rest, their financial situation is because of their consistent behaviour with money – their habits with money, in other words. As we begin the new year, ask yourself these 3 very important questions. Assess the many answers to these questions to help you reach a better place, financially.

This article was featured in the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa’s website. To read the rest of it, please follow this link3 questions. Infinite possibilities – My Money 123 (fpimymoney123.co.za)

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